Beaches In Rio De Janeiro

06 Jul 2020 15:40

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When you think of Rio, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of sandy beaches, the sun and the "Ipanema girl". The culture of the beach is widespread throughout Brazil and is far larger or more influential than in Rio de Janeiro. Beach culture in Brazil is a scene for fashion and trends. It is not just about enjoying the sun, it is also about a social beach Instagram captions occasion. Meat labs are an opportunity to participate, group and participate in sports such as soccer and surfing. Even in winter and when the weather is bad, Kerioka, the so-called locals go on a picnic.


Following in the footsteps of Rio, on the strip of land, Copacabana is the largest beach in the world. This populated area provides a tireless party atmosphere. Beach parties here are a ritual for the young and the elderly. With many bars and nightclubs, the beach is frequented day and night. Groups of people sleep under a parasol on a 5 km long beach in white sand and sit in the sun.

Lifeguard stations, so-called "posts", are numbered and extended on the beach. The coast of Copacabana extends from Princes Isabel Avenue to lifeguards and Watch Chattower 6, Posto Cess, near Fort Ritale de Copacaban.

Next to Copacabana Beach, south of the city of Rio de Janeiro, is Ipanema District. Epanema Beach is equipped with first-rate rest restaurants, rantas, cafes and shopping centers. Epanema is one of Rio's most expensive places and is a symbol of Brazil's happiness and wealth. Tourists along with wealthy Brazilian youth come to see it.

The two hills known as "Two Brothers" are at the western end of the beach. The beach is also divided into sections, known as posts. There are many favorite hotspots on the Ipanema beach, each block attracting a variety of crowds. There are always people who play football, volume volume lab and football, a combination sport that is unique in Brazil. Ipanima immortalized in the song "Girl from Ipanima" in the middle of Carlos Jobime.

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